Immune Booster

Immune booster

Immune Booster is a shortcut method, in which antioxidants are fueled into a body, for boosting immunity against viruses. It helps the body to fight infections and illnesses. 

Strengthening Immunity

Antioxidants, enough for immunity boost to fight against infection, are quickly infused into a body through an extension tube without any damage to your body tissues.

Short Treatment Duration

Within 20-30 minutes, antioxidants are completely taken into the body. The procedure is more effective than the oral absorption of medicine or vitamins. To achieve the same results as Immune Booster, patients need to take great amounts of pills or vitamins because of the poor absorption rate.

100% Absorption Rate

Immune Booster is an alternative to strength immunity that promises effective results as the absorption rate is 100 percent and completely safe.

Better Safe than Sorry

You may experience accidental exposure to infections and diseases. Hence, building up your immune system in advance prepares a body to fight off infections and prevent them from entering the body when needed.

Army On Active Duty

Do you know that a strong immune system protects you from illnesses? White blood cells, known as soldiers of our body, protect the body from infections by killing bacteria, fungi, and foreign particles.

Many Different Benefits

Antioxidants strengthen and balance the immune system, prevent inflammatory responses when unnecessary, and slow down the aging process of important organs in the body.

Frequently Asked about Immune Booster

What is Immune Booster?

Immune Booster is a treatment that swiftly adds antioxidants in the amount that enhances immunity into a body through an extension tube. It helps the immune system to fight against infections, diseases, and viruses without doing any collateral damage to body tissues.

What are the benefits of Immune Booster?

It strengthens and balances the immune system, prevents unneeded inflammatory responses, and slows down the aging process of organs and skin in the body.

Who makes a good candidate for Immune Booster?

Immune Booster is suitable for 1) people who experience frequent illnesses and fatigue, 2) people who overwork, 3) people who have chronic allergies constantly causing nasal congestion, coughs, sneezes, colds, migraine, and sinus infections, 4) people who have chronic skin conditions, 5) people who have chronic urticaria, 6) people who have chronic diseases that negatively affect the immune system such as HIV, hepatitis B, diabetes, and cancer, and 7) people who require frequent travel, having risks of being exposed to infections.

Caution: Immune Booster cannot be performed on 1) a person under the age of 15, 2) a person with pregnancy, and 3) a person who suffers from kidney failure or chronic kidney diseases.

How many Immune Boosters do I need?

Answer: The ideal quantity of boosters, as recommended by medical professionals, is 10 and over. Three sessions can be performed weekly, each of which takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.