Conc Cell

Conc Cell

Through highly advanced cell therapy, it helps unlock the cycle of a pimple, prevent acne, and treat sensitive skin, resulting in a healthy complexion.

Skin Cell Enhancement

It strengthens skin cells and repairs weakened cells by opening tubes in the inner skin layer which have been clogged with waste for a long time.

Skin Cell Boost

It strengthens the structure of the skin, reverses the aging process in skin cells (similarly to skin regeneration), calms the inflammation in the bottom layers of the skin, and treats sensitive skin and clogged pores.

Solve Your Worry

If you have concerns about pimples, clogged pores, severe acne, or allergic reactions that cannot be resolved even though you have undergone such many treatments that you start to wonder whether doctors intentionally treat you poorly to keep their procedures going, Conc Cell is an ideal choice for you.

8-point Acupuncture

The procedure feeds the skin with vitamins and minerals, using 8-point acupuncture injections. However, some people may need 6-point injections while others may require 11 points, depending mainly on the skin condition.

Effective Results

It is a skin detox that fits people who have sensitive or dull skin, acne, eczemas, and large pores. To achieve the desired results, you are advised to take the injection once a week in the first week of the treatment.

Cell Aging Reversal

The treatment reduces inflammation, stimulates lymph and blood circulations, balances cells in the deeper layers of the skin, and regenerates new healthy cells to replace weakened ones.

Frequently Asked about Conc Cell

What is Conc Cell?

Conc cell strengthens skin cells and repairs the structure of weakened cells by penetrating the tubes clogged with wastes in deeper layers of skin which cause inflammation beneath the skin. It leads to allergic reactions and clogged pores. Apart from enhancing the strength of skin structure, it reverses the cell aging process and results in what is similar to regenerated skin cells. 

What is 8-point acupuncture?

The technique developed for treating weaken skin feeds optimal amounts of skin nutrients through 8-point acupuncture injections. However, the supervising doctor will assess the state of the skin before the treatment. Depending on skin condition, acupuncture points may be reduced to 6 in some cases while some patients may need 11 acupuncture points. 

What are the side effects?

You may experience redness and bruising after the procedure. It is advised that you apply a cold compress within the first 48 hours and switch to a warm compress afterward to alleviate these side effects. 

What are Conc Cell’s benefits? 

Conc Cell whitens facial skin, improves skin radiance, reduces wrinkles resulting from UV and dark spots caused by acne, melasma, and freckles, and balances out uneven skin tone. Moreover, it minimizes large pores, prevents new acne and pimples, reduces rashes on facial skin, and rejuvenates facial skin.