Belotero Revive

Belotero Revive

Belotero Revive, the first-ever skin filler from Switzerland that has impressed most patients, if not all, is now available at KKC Clinic. Let’s together explore this interesting skin filler and its benefits!

What is Belotero Revive?

Revive is an injectable hyaluronic acid that contains glycerol. Normally, hyaluronic acid works as a booster of beauty: slowing the progression of facial changes including shallow temples, tear trough deformity, and mid-cheek problems. In addition to hyaluronic acid, it is combined with glycerol which is designed to improve the hydration, elasticity, and firmness of the skin. As a result, it leads to fewer aging signs and a more glowing yet natural contour.

Revive and its Premium Quality

  • Cohesivity: The unique cohesive polydensified allows the filler to adhere to the injection site(s) thereby reducing skin roughness and smooths superficial fine lines as well as preventing lumps after dermal filler. 
  • Elasticity: When the dermal filler is injected into the area(s) of treatment, its elasticity helps the gel to restore its form and prevent the change of filler direction to unwanted area(s).
  • Plasticity: Its ability to mold dermal into different shapes and places allow fillers to remain moldable in the injected area(s)

Who makes a good candidate?

  1. Anyone with dehydrated skin and uneven skin textures
  2. Anyone with early presence of fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Anyone with large pores or atrophic scars
  4. Anyone with the desire to rehydrate the skin and improve elasticity and firmness
  5. Anyone with sun damage and uneven skin tone

Due to its ability to rejuvenate the quality of the skin, Revive is designed to be favorably injected at Dermis levels including:

  1. Face – rehydrating and smoothening the skin as well as reducing the appearance of pores
  2. Around the eyes – Increasing hydration 
  3. Neck – Promoting skin firmness and rejuvenating the skin
  4. Mouth – Adding volume to lips and lip contour
  5. Hands – Restoring dry and dehydrated hand skin 

Pre-treatment Instruction

To achieve the safest and best possible results, please follow these pre-treatment instructions:

  1. Do not use aspirin, NSAIDs, supplements, and exfoliators.
  2. Avoid waxing and invasive hair removal in the area(s) of treatment 
  3. Avoid facial lasers and any other heat exposure
  4. Refrain from alcohol and exercise for 24 hours before the procedure
  5. Inform the medical professionals of underlying disease(s), medical record, and allergy

Post-treatment Instruction

  1. Avoid touching, petting, or massaging the treated area(s)
  2. Apply a cold compress to minimize swelling and bruising in the injection site(s)
  3. Constantly keep an eye on the area(s) of the treatment to check for deformities 
  4. For 1 week after the treatment, avoid strenuous exercise
  5. Avoid intense heat exposure such as sauna, laser, and excess sun exposure
  6. Drink clean water and Get plenty of rest to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness

Why Belotero Revive at KKC Clinic?

At KKC Clinic, every single procedure is performed only by well-trained medical professionals, whose experiences are over 17 years, since filler treatment requires qualified and experienced medical practitioners. Moreover, to determine the suitability and patient’s needs, deep analysis is always conducted before the treatment. Here, because your well-being and safety is our top priority, we guarantee that every Filler used in each procedure is 100% authentic.